Matt Jacobs Seems To Be Another “Resilient” California Republican

Matt Jacobs is running for Congress. He was an associate US attorney bringing down lewd traffickers, fentanyl sellers, and Russian mobsters for over six years. Now he is looking to take down another form of criminality that is less likely to be prosecuted, the Democrat Party.

Jacobs convicted Ibrahim Harun, a senior Al-Qaeda terrorist who killed US troops in Afghanistan, as a Federal Prosecutor. Harun also schemed to bomb the US consulate in Nigeria. He is a crazy, unrepentant militant jihadist. Harun wanted to complete his jihad by killing Jacobs too.

Jacobs thinks that the Democratic Party has shifted from moderate blue-collar issues to radical socialist positions. But the truth is the Democrat Party has been a radical revolutionary movement at least since the progressive era and Woodrow Wilson.

California schools are not being run well by these so-called traditional, moderate Democrats. Instead, they are being controlled by Social Justice Warriors, who propagandize an entire generation of American students. Jacobs left his position to take on the mission of reforming schools that shut down instead of teaching. In southern California, liberal educator associations attempted to undermine police and defund police departments while supporting sentencing and cash bail reduction.

While indicting and prosecuting criminals and terrorists, he observed that wealthy Californians could care less. The crime problem in the Sunshine State is not a problem for people with security guards in gated communities. Undermining the police has only invited more lawless criminality. As wrongdoing soared and mobs rioted during 2020, Democrats supported vicious criminals and called for more turmoil.

Jacobs wants to flip California’s 26th Congressional District, which includes a portion of Los Angeles County. In 2020, Julia Brownley, the current House Representative and a Democrat, beat her Republican challenger by 21. However, redistricting has changed the district and included Simi Valley, with nearly 20,000 reasonable conservative voters. Republican Representative Mike Garcia won in the neighboring district in 2020.

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting, as is the economy. Town Hall meetings and media adoration will not save him. Many political analysts predict a Republican landslide victory in 2022. California’s top Republicans think that Jacobs might pull off an upset. Jacobs indicated America’s foes. He has convicted terrorists, and drug dealers maintained law and order, and ensured safe neighborhoods and networks.

Hoodlums don’t care about the boundaries on a map. LA County and Ventura County are threatened by increased crime. Nothing is a higher priority than public wellbeing. If criminals run wild, the business can not thrive, and schools will fizzle.

In addition to law and order, Jacobs has made education a vital aspect of this campaign. Democrat Representative Brownley was helped by the California Federation of Teachers, the California Teachers Association, and the American Federation of Teachers. They are getting what they paid for, a die-hard supporter of teacher salaries and pensions regardless of the state of education. These groups kept California kids at home throughout the pandemic and allowed teachers to take more time off. Kids should be in class to learn, and parents ought to oversee their children’s schooling, not officials, not legislators.