McCarthy Announces Biden Impeachment Inquiry May Be Soon

The drums of impeachment are getting louder in Congress with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) assertion that the Biden family’s business dealings are now even more incriminating.

Interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday, McCarthy said the evidence is “rising to the level of impeachment inquiry.”

Explosive testimony from federal whistleblowers along with revelations of shell companies under the Biden umbrella are driving the impeachment push. The House Speaker noted that this evidence would never have seen the light of day if Republicans did not control the lower chamber.

McCarthy recalled earlier statements from the president claiming he never spoke to Hunter Biden about business and did not receive money from China. Now, he declared, the House can prove the statements were false.

He added that testimony from IRS agents with decades of experience indicated that the first family was treated differently by the agency.

McCarthy expressed the growing belief among Republicans as well as voters that the Bidens were willing recipients of “millions of foreign money” through shell companies.

The Republican referred to recent evidence that the Bidens benefited from over $1 million from a Romanian national who was subsequently convicted on corruption charges.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) last month revealed evidence that the family was funded through 17 payments. McCarthy described the money as coming through shell companies while the elder Biden was vice president.

Comer ironically noted that Biden lectured Romania on tackling corruption issues while being a “walking billboard” for taking illicit funds.

McCarthy described the two IRS whistleblowers who revealed evidence to Congress as “some of the most credible” encountered by lawmakers. He further cited the Form 1023 obtained from the FBI in which a source revealed that the president received $5 million.

This came while the woefully unqualified Hunter Biden served on the Burisma board of directors.

More evidence came to light that Hunter referred to his father as the “big guy” and would put him on the phone to impress business associates.

With so much smoke billowing, McCarthy and his House colleagues increasingly believe there is a fire in the White House. Impeachment proceedings are a natural consequence of the mountains of evidence still coming in.