McCaskill Suggests Harris or Newsom Should Lead Dems After Biden’s Debate Struggles

Following President Joe Biden’s embarrassing recent debate performance, MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill has called for a reevaluation of the Democratic ticket, suggesting Vice President Kamala Harris or California Gov. Gavin Newsom should take the lead. Biden’s difficulties during the debate have sparked significant concern within the party about his capability to handle the presidency.

McCaskill noted that Biden had one critical objective: to reassure Americans of his competence despite his age. She argued that he failed to accomplish this, leading to widespread worry among Democratic insiders, including senators, campaign operatives, and donors. The debate has intensified discussions about whether Biden should remain the party’s nominee.

Biden’s performance included several missteps, such as falsely claiming to be the first president in a decade without American casualties overseas, overlooking the 13 service members killed during the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal. Additionally, his struggles with questions about the national debt and taxes, where he often paused and stumbled, highlighted his vulnerabilities.

This debate has led to a flurry of reactions on social media and among political commentators. Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggested the party should consider a new nominee. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof urged Biden to step aside, allowing the convention to select a stronger candidate.

Politico reported confusion and concern among Democrats, with activist Jay Surdukowski declaring Biden’s campaign over. Prominent operatives are now advocating for an open convention to find a more viable candidate.

Despite attempts by media outlets to downplay the performance, suggesting Biden had a cold, the debate has already caused significant damage. As the Democratic National Convention approaches, the urgency for a new candidate is becoming a central topic within the party.

McCaskill emphasized the need for a serious discussion among Biden’s top advisers about his ability to project strength. She praised Harris and Newsom, noting their capabilities and suggesting they might be better positioned to lead the ticket. McCaskill’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among Democrats that a change may be necessary to strengthen the party’s chances in the upcoming election.