Media Bias Exposed: Brent Bozell Discusses Biden Debate On ‘Life Liberty & Levin’

In a recent episode of “Life Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin hosted Brent Bozell from the Media Research Center to examine the media’s portrayal of President Joe Biden’s debate performance. Levin introduced Bozell as the perfect guest to discuss the media’s response to Biden’s performance in the presidential debate, showing himself to be frail and experiencing some form of cognitive decline.

Levin pointed out that networks like CNN and MSNBC ridiculed Fox News and conservative media for their criticism of Biden’s debate showing. Bozell asserted that the media’s dishonesty had finally been revealed. He noted that during the debate, many on the left were taken aback by Biden’s performance, while conservatives felt it confirmed their long-held concerns about Biden’s fitness for office. Bozell mentioned that the media now realizes that their previous portrayals of Biden were inaccurate.

The discussion also covered the possibility of younger Democratic candidates like Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom stepping in. Levin stressed the importance of media reform, criticizing media organizations for supporting Biden despite widespread concerns about his capability to lead the country.

Bozell highlighted that many media figures received calls from Democratic leaders during and after the debate, urging Biden to step down. He explained that these media figures acknowledged the spin against Biden within the Democratic Party.

After a commercial break, Levin contrasted Biden’s performance with that of former President Donald Trump, highlighting Trump’s apparent youthfulness and preparedness.

Levin noted that Trump’s strong showing made Biden look even more frail. Bozell commended Trump for his preparation and staying on message, emphasizing how Trump’s performance in the recent debate was a marked improvement from the first debate in 2020.

Bozell also pointed out the bias in the debate questions, claiming they favored the left. Despite this, Bozell believed Trump performed well, demonstrating his ability to handle skewed questioning and remain focused on his points.