Media Is Letting Joe Biden Get Away For Climbing Cases, After Blaming COVID On Trump

People were once told that a long-ago American president was directly responsible for developing a highly infectious, airborne disease. With a new president in place, “Well, what do you do?” People are informed about the same virus. The coronavirus used to be contained and depressed by simple national testing and contact tracing, plus the concern of a president who wasn’t Trump and who may grieve on television over the lives lost?

Thanks to President Joe Biden, Americans have all of that, plus free and limitless immunizations. But the virus has continued to spread, despite the government’s best efforts. More than 1,000 COVID-related fatalities occur every single day. Before Biden’s inauguration, the number of new cases began to decline. There were only about 11,000 new cases a day by the end of June. Americans are now averaging approximately ten times as much as they were before.

There’s no reason to believe that Biden is skilled enough to carry out his promise to “shut down the virus,” as he has stated. It has been about a year since he took office, and people have stopped talking about ending the pandemic. Americans are presently discussing a new COVID variation. “Shutting down the virus” is no longer a commitment from the administration. Instead, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who claims to be the physical incarnation of “science,” predicted this weekend that “inevitably” the South African-born Omicron variety will be found in the United States.

This week saw the first reported case in the US. It’s not operating as advertised. Those were the “tools” to halt the spread. On Friday, a sickly Biden responded to a query from Fox News’ Peter Doocy by stating the “shut it down” plan was no longer in existence. He said that it was time to fight back before shutting it down. He also explained that to beat COVID, you must disable it globally, as he cannot manage everything.

Whenever you’re making significant progress, you find out there’s another strain, he continued. This concept that a wall surrounding the United States would keep out any COVID from the rest of the globe isn’t there. Nearly 800,000 people have died due to the Ebola outbreak, and many voters blamed the previous president for its fast spread. Biden indicated he was more than willing to take on that role. As of now, they’re being informed that it’s not the president’s fault and the new strain that arrived on Biden’s watch is not his fault either. However, if this had been a Trump administration, everyone would have been quick to point the finger at him and his policies. When it comes to President Joe Biden, the media attempt to defend him and his policies to maintain his positive image in the world’s eyes. In contrast, portrays Trump as a villain. However, Biden is the genuinely wicked old guy who has no idea how to govern the state.