Migrants To Receive Flyers Directing Them Away From NYC

New York City has reached its saturation point with the migrant surge. Democrats will now hand out flyers to migrants entering NYC, directing them to go elsewhere.

According to a social media announcement from New York City Hall, the flyers will indicate what the migrants will not have rather than what they will. The flyers will say there will be no hotel accommodations, work permits, or other benefits.

The flyers say sheltered migrants are being asked to evacuate the shelters. The flyers indicate the migrants should relocate to a more affordable location but do not indicate specific destination points.

These flyers result from the Biden Administration’s lack of response to funding requests for the migrant surge. New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) requested federal funding to help stem the migrant wave and maintain the migrants already in the city. His requests were denied.

The Biden administration responded to Adam’s request by saying the issues NYC is facing are due to poor planning on his part. Adams responded by stating the migrant surge is a federal problem and a federal problem to fix.

The requests for federal assistance occurred in early September. As October approaches, NYC has to create a solution to the issue plaguing the city.

The flyers respond to the crisis, hoping to turn some migrants away.

The current number of migrants in NYC has reached over 60,000. The numbers are overwhelming the city. Migrants are overwhelming city programs, shelters, and hotels.

The state offered work visas through a federal extension to help add to the funding and reduce the migrants living off city benefits. Only 800 of the migrants applied for the work visas.

The migrant surge has removed citizens from nursing homes, used city funds allocated to city residents, and continues to cause a financial burden on the city. The flyers are the first step for the Democrats in an attempt to stop the migrant surge and move out migrant populations draining the city.