Mike Rowe Explains How Inflation Reduction Act Could Be ‘Another Pie In The Face’

Television personality Mike Rowe weighed in on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act recently signed into law by President Joe Biden, suggesting that it appears to be further evidence that “nothing actually means what it says” anymore.

During a recent Fox News Channel appearance, the former host of “Dirty Jobs” was clearly dubious about the massive spending bill’s ability to bring down the nation’s surging inflation rate.

“Can we have bills that actually do what they say in their title?” he asked.

If the legislation actually helps curb rising consumer costs, Rowe said it would be worthwhile to “start with a conversation about the nuts and bolts of the bill,” though he predicted that it would turn out to be another bait-and-switch proposal from Capitol Hill.

“And that gets us into an emperor’s new clothes kind of mentality, where it’s not one kid in the crowd going, ‘Hey, that guy’s naked,’” he continued. “It’s the whole country going, ‘Wait — again with this? Again with the name of a thing that doesn’t seem to reflect the thing?’”

Rowe went on to question the impact of all the bill’s added spending on middle-class Americans already struggling to absorb the added costs associated with inflation.

“What the heck do I know?” he asked. “If it lives up to its name, it’ll impact them in a positive way. If it doesn’t, it’s another pie in the face.”

Of course, Rowe is not the only public figure to question whether the Inflation Reduction Act will actually lower costs for Americans.

Earlier this month, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicated that the bill would only represent a “negligible” improvement. For its part, the venerable Penn Wharton Model compiled by economists at the University of Pennsylvania determined that, over the next 10 years, the bill’s impact on inflation “is statistically indistinguishable from zero.”

Even Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who supported the bill, cited the opinion of experts in asserting that “it will have a minimal impact on inflation.”

Despite the bipartisan skepticism regarding whether the spending package really will bring inflation down at all, Biden praised the bill this week during a signing ceremony, claiming that “the American people won and the special interests lost.”