Minnesota GOP Endorses Former NBA Player, BLM Activist To Challenge Klobuchar

Royce White, a former professional basketball player and Black Lives Matter activist, has received the endorsement of the Minnesota Republican convention to challenge Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the forthcoming fall election.

White, who transitioned to podcasting after his basketball career, denounced the political establishment’s reliance on large campaign contributions, advocating for candidates untainted by financial influence.

“We need people now more than ever that can’t be bought. They don’t have a price and I can’t stress that to you enough,” White emphasized during his address at the convention.
Acknowledging his personal financial challenges, White did not directly address past legal issues, but he expressed disagreement with the Republican committee’s endorsement with reservations.

“I appreciate the committee and its process,” White remarked. “I hope we can change it in the future because the same reservations they had about me would surely fall on Donald Trump as well if he was running in this race.”

White secured the endorsement on the first ballot with overwhelming support, pledging to increase GOP diversity by engaging more people of color in the party.

Despite facing competition from other Republican Senate hopefuls, White emerged victorious, surpassing contenders like Joe Fraser, who had raised substantial campaign funds.

Convention discussions predominantly revolved around blaming Democrats for various national challenges, with delegates expressing confidence in the Republican party’s prospects for the November election.

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) commended the party’s improved financial position, attributing it to former President Donald Trump’s assistance and a successful fundraising event. Emmer announced a $100,000 donation from his campaign to support the state party’s election preparations.

Despite minor disputes over procedural matters, delegates unified in their belief in Trump’s ability to defeat President Joe Biden in November, foreseeing potential gains for Republicans fueled by voter discontent.