Missing Hunter Biden Witness Accuses Bidens Of Corruption

On Wednesday, Gal Luft, an American-Israeli energy expert, voiced accusations against the Department of Justice (DOJ), claiming that he was being targeted in a malicious manner to shield President Joe Biden.

In a video statement, Luft revealed that he had shared evidence of alleged Biden family corruption with the FBI and DOJ in March 2019, just weeks prior to Biden’s presidential candidacy announcement.

However, Luft claimed that he received no response from the DOJ until earlier this year when he was arrested in Cyprus by American authorities. He now faces charges related to illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent and providing false information to the FBI.

Luft has been referred to as the “missing witness” in the House Republicans’ inquiry into the business dealings of the Biden family for several months. House investigators have faced difficulties in locating Luft to request his testimony before Congress.

In 2019, Luft, who primarily resides in Israel, extended an offer to meet with the DOJ to provide evidence and information regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement with CEFC, a now-defunct Chinese energy company.

Luft had served as an advisor to CEFC for approximately four years, which coincided with the period when Hunter Biden and the company collaborated on various projects.

Luft recounted meeting a delegation comprising six members from the DOJ and FBI in Brussels in March, just weeks prior to President Biden’s presidential campaign announcement. Among the attendees were two DOJ prosecutors, Daniel Richenthal and Catherine Ghosh, from the Southern District of New York. Special Agent Joshua Wilson, hailing from the Baltimore field office, represented the FBI and was one of the four individuals present.

Interestingly, Wilson’s signature would later appear on the subpoena that authorized the FBI to seize Hunter Biden’s laptop from a computer repair store in Delaware.

In addition to informing the DOJ about Hunter Biden’s involvement with CEFC, Luft disclosed that he had also provided information regarding a mole within the FBI who allegedly shared intelligence with the Biden family.

According to Luft, he learned from CEFC executives that this individual, known by the nickname “One-Eye,” possessed a notable and distinctive physical feature.

According to Luft, following the Brussels meeting, he never received any communication from the DOJ. Instead of being acknowledged for his whistleblowing efforts, he claimed to have become the primary target of hostility.

Luft said, “Over the past four years that followed, me, my family, my friends, my associates were all harassed, intimidated and finally, I was prosecuted.”

Luft has urged the DOJ to make his indictment and the evidence against him accessible to the public. He highlighted the gravity of the situation, as he potentially faces a prison sentence of 100 years if found guilty.

Luft maintains his innocence and vehemently denies the charges brought against him.