Missing South Texas Woman Discovered Dead At Mexican Border State

A female resident of southern Texas who journeyed to Mexico to visit family for Easter has become the most recent murder victim in the border state of Nuevo Leon. Following her disappearance for multiple days, authorities have now verified that her corpse was found on a ranch in the region.

The finding was confirmed by The Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s Office on Saturday. Law enforcement reportedly came across Bionce Jazmin Anaya Cortez, who was deceased, the day before after browsing numerous properties. Cortez was found on a ranch not far from the town of El Verde with law enforcement reporting that she was covered with bruises on her back and head.

Another young woman’s remains were discovered in February in South Texas after she had gone missing on the 1st of the month, according to a report by KENS 5.

Breitbart News reported that Anaya Cortez was officially considered missing on April 6. An additional three women who were Mexican citizens who also lived in southern Texas went missing on Feb. 25, and have still not been discovered. Their names are Marina Pérez Ríos, Maritza Trinidad Pérez Ríos y Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz. Reports say that there have been various disappearances and murders in the wake of an ongoing territory war in the northern part of Nuevo Leon.

Anaya Cortez reportedly may have traveled to China around the same time, but there has been little detail offered on the matter.

A group of six police officers was killed in Nuevo Leon last year as they attempted to ambush an alleged drug gang.

Another attack within the region in 2021 linked to turf wars resulted in the deaths of five men in April of 2021.

This homicide transpired during a period when Nuevo Leon has been grappling with a continuous surge in murders and abductions, as the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas attempts to seize new smuggling zones from the Gulf Cartel, according to the outlet. At the same time, they are also striving to maintain control of their existing drug distribution territories as the Sinaloa Cartel seeks to stake its own claims.