Mitt Romney Applauds Ronna McDaniel’s Efforts As RNC Chair

Amid rumors that Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel would step down from her position, the RNC official’s uncle, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), applauded her efforts.

Reports have emerged indicating that McDaniel would resign as RNC chair, given her lackluster support among Republicans, who have blamed her for the GOP’s losses in past elections.

Citing such reports, Romney told Politico that he has “nothing but love and affection for my niece,” adding that “[s]he’s done her best to help elect Republicans and done her job.”

McDaniel has served as RNC chairwoman since 2017 and was elected to a fourth term in 2023 despite being challenged by attorney Harmeet Dhillon and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Since securing her position, McDaniel has faced growing criticism from Republicans, including entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who called for her resignation during the third GOP presidential primary debate in Miami, Florida.

“Where is the accountability for years of losing: 2018, 2020, 2022 and now 2023? A week ago on the GOP Debate stage, I called on Ronna Romney McDaniel to resign. Now, I’m asking grassroots conservatives across the nation to join me so she can feel the power of the people,” Ramaswamy wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in November 2023.

Former President Donald Trump recently praised McDaniel for her efforts as Michigan GOP chairwoman during the 2016 presidential election.

“In my successful run in 2016, the State of Michigan really came through — First time in Decades that it was won by a Republican, and it was headed up to be my friend Ronna McDaniel. Ronna is now Head of the RNC, and I’ll be making a decision the day after the South Carolina Primary as to my recommendations for RNC Growth,” the former president said.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who led the charge to oust former Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the speakership, recently endorsed the California congressman to become RNC chair.
Gaetz said McCarthy would make a “terrific” RNC chairman.

“I fully endorse Kevin McCarthy for RNC Chair. Kevin is well organized and a very high-revenue fundraiser. He will also be well-liked by the RNC Committee. The RNC Chair doesn’t make any policy decisions, set any agenda, or negotiate against Democrats, ever. Kevin would be terrific,” Gaetz wrote.