Mondaire Jones “Rants And Raves” In House Speech After Filibuster

Democrats Representative Mondaire Jones (NY) from the Big Apple and down the street from AOC wants to be a part of her Squad, Gang, or Crew, whichever name is most appropriate given the circumstances.

Jones bragged that he worked diligently alongside Democrats from the House. He believes that his speech provided crucial support for the Democrat voting rights act designed to ensure that illegal votes are not illegal. He objected strongly to using the filibuster on the other side of the US bicameral legislation, which rendered the bill DOA. He used Democrat talking points and called Republicans and a couple of free-thinking Democrats advocates for “Jim Crow.” But he did not stop there. He ventured into extreme territory reserved for rabid Democrat liberal media pundits Wednesday night. He added that anyone who does not want to alter the US electoral process is a White Supremacist.

He eloquently thanked Democrat Congressman Allred, Congresswoman Terri Sewell, and Congressman John Sarbanes, who helped craft the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” and the “Freedom to Vote Act.” These bills would federalize elections and legitimize voting without ID by illegal aliens citizens of another country. It would make it easier for Democrats in big cities to bundle votes paid for by activists like Mark Zuckerberg.

He claimed that resistance to voter fraud and supporting voter integrity is the worst assault on the right to vote since Jim Crow. Try that twisted logic on for size. He claimed that Senators who did not buy the lies of Democrats are white nationalists.

Democrat Representative and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) complimented Jones and other House Democrats as the best assortment of astuteness, honesty, and creative minds in the country. If these people are our best and brightest, we have a bigger problem than voting rights.

Democrats took to the House floor to ensure the Senate’s inability to kill the filibuster. In a 52-48 vote, all Republicans and a couple of Democrat Senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, stood up for the tradition of minority protection and the 60 vote threshold for ending debate in the Senate.

Jones has genuinely bought into the Biden race card game. When Biden claimed if African American voters did not vote for him, then “you ain’t black.” Democrats tend to use the race card when they are on the losing end of a discussion.

Democrats used the “Jim Crow” filibuster during the Trump presidency. They slowed down confirmations and delayed aspects of Trump’s plan. Democrats utilized the “Jim Crow” filibuster to impede a bill from Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) on the Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.

Democrats utilized the “Jim Crow” filibuster in 2019 on Republican Senator Tim Scott’s police funding and support bill. Were they racists then?

House rules prohibit denouncing the intentions of another Representative, Senator the President, by utilizing hostile language or unparliamentary words. I think Jones qualified for a severe censure. Maybe the Democrats need to get Filibusta-Rhymes to join the cause. Or they could give up and go home.