Montana Judge Changes Tune As Left Gains Ground On Transgender Rights

The left gained another victory in their battle for transgender rights yesterday when a Montana judge blocked the passage of a state law that would require surgery in order to alter the gender on a birth certificate.

Montana state officials challenged the ruling within hours of District Court Judge Michael G. Moses’s Thursday decision.

The law in question, SB280, was passed in the Republican-controlled state in 2021.

In April of 2022, District Court Judge Michael G. Moses of Billings ruled the law as unconstitutional due to the lack of specification as to what surgical procedure must be performed.

“The medical consensus in the United States is that gender identity is innate and that efforts to change a person’s gender identity are harmful to a person’s health and well-being, but also are unethical,” said Moses in his 2021 decision that passed SB280

He went on to state how surgery isn’t “medically necessary or medically desirable” for all transgender people.

Last week, state Republicans issued a new law that banned the alteration of birth certificates altogether. You can’t blame Republicans for thinking he was on their side based on his dialogue from 2021.

As it turns out, that was not the case.

Yesterday, Judge Moses accused state officials of using the new law as a way to sidestep his April decision.

“I’m a bit offended the department thinks they can do anything they want,” he said.

Did fear of a weaponized mob of protestors appearing at his front door play a role in Judge Moses’s change of tune and harsh tone towards Republicans yesterday? The fact of the matter is that he blatantly contradicted his 2021 ruling, replacing it with a new decision that favored the swarm of LGBTQ activists yelling outside the state capitol building.

Submission of a legal form, providing a state-issued ID card, or providing documentation of a court order were the three avenues to altering a birth certificate prior to SB280. Things sure have changed quickly.

Over the last several months, Democrats have progressively intensified their transgender rights agenda. The results speak for themselves.