More Democrats Than Not Need Biden Out In 2024

When Biden was running in the 2020 presidential election, he branded himself as a moderate. After Biden got into the White House, the mask came off, and this president’s leftist authoritarianism came to the surface. 

There’s no better indication of this than the policies Biden wants to be passed into law. This so-called moderate president wants to beef up the IRS with new agents and funding so they can observe the financial transactions Americans make via banking. 

Also, during the president’s latest CNN town hall, he openly mocked and scoffed at freedom. Biden likewise made it clear he wants first responders, and other essential workers fired if they don’t take the coronavirus vaccine. 

Now, it’s no secret Republicans, and most Independents aren’t fans of Biden. However, in a fascinating plot twist, Red State reveals more Democrats than not want the 46th president out in 2024.

According to a poll run by NPR-PBS and NewsHour-Marist, nearly five in ten Democrat voters and Independent voters with leftist leanings stated another nominee is their best bet to win 2024. 

Only 36% of Democrats and Independents who lean left said they’d like to keep Biden in 2024. The remaining 20% of Democrats told NPR-PBS and NewsHour-Marist they aren’t sure whether or not Biden should stay or go. 

This latest bombshell comes amid another recent poll showing 71% of United States citizens don’t see the country as on the proper track. Nearly since the inception of the Biden presidency, his approval ratings have been sinking the longer he remains in office. 

It truly speaks volumes that almost half of the Democrats don’t want Biden to run for another term during the next presidential election. Could this possibly be the political left’s way of saying, Let’s Go, Brandon?

Sadly, the United States of America is in decline as the federal government remains under leftist control. Right now, Republican governors across the United States are the strongest remaining defense line against Biden’s communist agenda.

Nineteen states have used Biden over his coronavirus vaccine requirement for the country’s federal contractors. Likewise, Republican governors are hard at work with state legislatures to codify laws that prohibit requirements for workers to take COVID vaccines. 

The 2022 midterm elections will be the ultimate test as to whether or not America will reverse course from this current path of decline. It is vital to get the House and Senate back under Republican control for everyone’s best interests.