Morrisey Credits Trump Endorsement for Surge In WV Primary

West Virginia’s race for governor is picking up steam as polls indicate Patrick Morrisey, the state’s Republican Attorney General, leading his closest rival by more than 29 percentage points in the GOP primary race. A three-term attorney general, Morrisey credits his edge in the race to his firm endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Morrisey’s endorsement of Trump in his bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, undeniably popular among West Virginia voters, was clearly articulated during his conversation with Breitbart News Saturday host and Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle. “I’m the only candidate for governor who’s even endorsed Trump,” Morrisey asserted.

The attorney general has never shied away from his admiration for Trump and has consistently stood by his policies, particularly those most beneficial for West Virginia. Morrisey has been an unwavering advocate for Trump’s stance on energy independence and border security, which he recognizes as paramount for his state and the nation.

Backing Trump, Morrisey boldly states, has been an ideological choice and a strategic one. As Morrisey points out, many candidates hesitate to voice their support for Trump due to fear of backlash from the media and political elites. This timidity, he feels, does a disservice to the voters who admire Trump’s fearless stance against political elitism. Morrisey’s courage to openly endorse Trump in the face of potential criticism from the media complex has resonated with West Virginia’s Republican voters.

Furthermore, the recent poll showing Trump 60 percentage points up in West Virginia’s Republican primary race affirms the former president’s continued clout among Mountain State Republicans. Therefore, Morrisey’s unambiguous endorsement of Trump has strategically aligned him with the majority sentiment in the state.

Another factor behind Morrisey’s lead is his record of taking on the political elites and the far left and his fight against federal overreach. These credentials undoubtedly fortify Morrisey’s claim to be the “only proven conservative in this race with a deep record of fighting and winning against the political elites successfully defending our West Virginia values.”

Additionally, Morrisey’s campaign emphasizes his commitment to defend “common sense West Virginia conservative values in a way that no one else has.” This emphasis on preserving state rights, creating jobs, and pushing back against federal overreach, echoes the central themes of Trump’s campaigns.

As the race continues, Morrisey remains steadfast in his commitment to preserving West Virginia’s jobs and conservative values while promising to resist federal overreach. This is the conservative model Morrisey offers West Virginia voters, which he sees as rooted in the same values that led many West Virginians to support President Trump since the 2016 election.