Most Americans Favor Age Limits For Elected Officials

To this day, there are many politicians who’ve been in office longer than many Americans have been alive. Some great examples include Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Rep. Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

Over the years, there’ve been different conversations about term limits in Congress. However, nothing serious has really come of this.

Lately, conversations about age limits have come up as well. Now, a brand new poll shows an overwhelming majority of Americans are supportive of age limits that would restrict people from holding public office after a certain point.

A Close Review of Support For Age Limits to Hold Public Office
Just as many elected office positions have minimum age requirements, most Americans believe maximum age limits are appropriate as well.

According to a survey conducted by YouGov and CBS News, a staggering 73% of people favor age limits for elected officials. Only 27% expressed the view that elected office holders shouldn’t be subjected to limits on age to serve.

More than seven in ten Republicans, Independents, and Democrats share this view, proving that support for age limits to hold public office is not partisan. Furthermore, the new survey documents that 70 is the most popular age limit proposal, with 40% of Americans viewing this as appropriate.

That’s followed up by 26% of Americans who view 60 as a good cut-off point for someone being allowed to hold public office. Just 18% told the pollster they believed 80 is a reasonable age limit for public office holders to be subjected to.

Hope For the Future?
Putting age limits on elected officials’ abilities to serve is a proposal that would have to make its way through Congress.

While it’s supported by most Americans across the political spectrum, for US lawmakers to pass this bill would essentially be putting a cap on their own careers later down the line.

To this day, there are many career politicians reaping the benefits from the absence of both age limits and term limits, in certain cases.

Interestingly enough, this documented support for age limits comes amid growing conversations about Joe Biden’s age and how this could factor into his ability to serve. Many left-wingers, for instance, have gone on record, citing Biden’s age as a reason why he shouldn’t pursue reelection in 2024.