Most Americans Support Sending Illegal Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities

The Biden administration has been repeatedly called upon to secure the southern border. The consequences of having an open border involve fentanyl coming into the country, migrants making the dangerous journey to enter the United States, and Border Patrol officials being overwhelmed.

In spite of this, the White House completely ignored the situation at the southern border until Republicans began giving migrants free transportation to left-wing sanctuary cities. This is when Democrats began to speak out and vocalize their grievances.

These grievances are coming from the same party that’s previously said no individuals are illegal and everyone deserves to be welcomed, no matter how they came to be in the country.

Now, new polls show that most Americans support dispatching illegal immigrants for accommodations in blue cities.

New Information From CBS/YouGov
According to CBS/YouGov, 51% of the country favors GOP governors’ decisions to have illegal immigrants sent to sanctuary cities like Chicago, Washington DC, and New York City. Just 49% told the pollster they don’t approve of what Republican officeholders are doing.

Of the 51% that support this form of transporting migrants, the majority believe it draws much-needed attention to illegal immigration. After all, before Republican governors started doing this, there were no serious, nationwide conversations about border crossings under Biden.

Border states made it clear for months on end that they didn’t have the resources to absorb all the arrivals coming in. Furthermore, as sanctuary cities complain about receiving illegal immigrants in their communities, border states have much higher volumes of migrants to deal with.

A Clear Message From Republican Governors
Amid this latest poll showing majority support for illegal immigrants being given free transportation to sanctuary cities, GOP governors have been clear they’re not backing down.

So long as the southern border remains open and out of control, Republicans in border states will continue to provide sanctuary cities with new arrivals of migrants.

Democratic mayors in these cities have been told that if they don’t have the resources to accommodate migrants, this is all the more reason why they should push for the White House to secure the border.

Thus far, left-wing mayors of sanctuary cities have yet to make this demand of the White House.