Most Voters Believe Joe Biden Involved In Hunter’s Dealings

A new poll showed a vast majority of American voters believe President Joe Biden participated in son Hunter’s business dealings that are currently under congressional investigation.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll revealed 60% of voters across party affiliations say the president knew of and was part of the younger Biden’s shady practices. For Republican respondents, 81% believe the Democrat is lying.

But that number is still 59% among independents, and even 39% of Democrats believe their party’s leader is being untruthful.

Most voters clearly believe that the president engaged in activities with foreign governments and businesses that financially benefited his family. The survey asked for the convictions of 2,851 U.S. voters from Nov. 15-16.

As a result of mounting evidence against Biden, House Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry in September. Then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave clear and convincing reasons for investigating the Democratic president.

He explained, “the American people deserve to know that public offices are not for sale and that the federal government is not being used to cover up the actions of a politically-connected family.”

Meanwhile, besieged Democrats continue to helplessly circle the wagons around their leader. Leftists and their media allies are stuck repeating the debunked mantra that there is “nothing to see.”

That, of course, is hardly the case when tens of millions of dollars flowed into the Biden family coffers for services that cannot be explained away.

But the excuses keep coming. Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) recently demanded the House investigation “end now.” He claimed the probe into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings has “no legitimate legislative purpose at all.”

He further blamed the inquiry into the shocking plea deal with Hunter that was struck down on MAGA Republicans.

As the New York Post noted in a scathing editorial, there is clearly a “legitimate legislative purpose” in checking on a plea deal that would exonerate the younger Biden for any crimes committed. It is the responsibility of oversight.

But not only do Democrats want to deflect away from the first family’s apparent criminal enterprise, they use the might of the federal government to protect them.

As the outlet noted, the statute of limitations was allowed to expire on serious tax charges despite evidence in hand. And Hunter’s failure to register as a foreign agent is still swept under the rug.

The American people are hardly blind, even with the interference being run by the left-wing mainstream media.