MSNBC Health Expert Forgets About Personal Liberty with New Mask Advice

A Federal Judge in Florida just ruled that the Federal mask mandate for planes and mass transit exceeded constitutional authority. U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ordered the mandate be voided immediately. Passengers across the country flooded social media with videos of people celebrating. Once again, the White House showed why its approval rating is in the basement.

Jen Psaki has become an SNL skit and all she is doing is proving that the mask mandate is about maintaining power. It is important to note that the Judge in the mandate case did not argue about the efficacy of the masks, only that the federal government did not have the authority to impose a mandate. The debate should center around the authority issue, but everyone is shouting about ‘science.’

An MSNBC commentator had an interesting idea on what to do with respect to the masks going forward.

This view fundamentally misunderstands the country we live in. There is no requirement for other people to make the same health choices as you. There are opposing views on the effectiveness of masks, but the left only accepts one narrative as true. Therefore, they think it is ok to impose that view on complete strangers on planes and mass transit. It is indicative of the ‘nanny state’ that appeals to the people in power and their adherents.

The entire country has moved on except for the politicians who want to hold onto power and those who think it is ok to tell you what to do regarding your health. Most people are saying “we are still fighting about this?” Even the politicians can’t seem to get together on what to do. President Biden came out and said that it should be up to Americans should decide for themselves if they should wear masks. For once, I agree with him. The main problem with this is that Biden isn’t really running the country.

This begs the question, who is running the country? The Covid restrictions have been politicized from the beginning. The time is long past where these measures are about our health. We will be dealing with the momentum of these mandates for the foreseeable future. The good news is that some level of sanity is returning to the country. Most people agree, let people decide for themselves on how to handle Covid going forward.