MTG Being Forced to Testify in a Kangaroo Court Shows a Political War Is Upon Us

Anyone trying to paint January 6th as an insurrection immediately identifies themselves as an ideologue. The riot at the Capitol is certainly a stain on history that never should have happened, but it was not an attempted coup or takeover of the government. Serious people do not try to argue such a thing. We are not led by serious people, however. We are led by ruthless partisans who look at the January 6th riot as one of the biggest political gifts of all time.

Besides using the event to smear every single conservative that was within 100 miles of Washington D.C. that day, Democrats are framing it as a legal issue that disqualifies people from office for participating in an insurrection. This is absurd on its face. Much like a lot of things today, that does not mean it is not proceeding.

Marjorie Taylor Green is currently defending herself in an actual courtroom because Democrats are trying to remove her from the ticket in the upcoming election in Georgia. It is within the realm of political acceptability to use January 6th against her by her opponents in a campaign. Let the people of Georgia decide if her role in the riot should disqualify her. That is what elections are for. MTG is not currently charged with a crime, nor is there any indication that an investigation is pending. Democrats know they cannot defeat her at the ballot box in November, so they are trying to use the courts to deprive the people of Georgia the chance to decide.

In typical clown show fashion, the ‘trial’ has ventured into absurd territory.

As with most clever ideas in court, things are backfiring badly on the Democrats. If by some longshot the judge rules MTG is ineligible the case will be appealed, and it is likely that a higher court will reinstate her. In the process, however, the Democrats further solidify that they cannot win in the marketplace of ideas and must resort to trickery to stay in power. Every day, more regular Americans are seeing what the liberals are willing to do to stay in power. It is energizing those regular Americans to stand up and oppose the left.