Musk’s Twitter Deal Could Be Dead

If one person looking from the outside in at the Elon Musk and Twitter situation and grinning, that would be former owner Jack Dorsey.

Elon Musk gave notice through his legal department that he is no longer pursuing a merger agreement with social media giant Twitter.

What was Twitter supposed to release to Musk? Information regarding how many fake accounts exist and the volume of spam on the platform. This is information any potential investor would seek when doing their due diligence.

Filed with the SEC, Musk’s legal department gave a letter of ‘termination’ to Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s Chief Legal Officer. The letter listed many breaches that Musk felt Twitter had committed in not handing over the requested information.

In short, the letter stated that Twitter had not complied with its contractual obligations.

Twitter has faced incredible scrutiny by many, especially conservatives, over its many high-level censorship techniques.

Musk began his journey in purchasing the social media platform over three months ago. The intended purchase price was to be $44 billion.
Musk is the owner of Tesla and SpaceX. He felt that Twitter had “tremendous potential” and sought to make the social media platform part of his portfolio.

In the ensuing months, Musk was not receiving the information he was asking for and began sending out tweets announcing his displeasure with Twitter’s executives.

Many felt the Twitter deal was doomed to fail from the beginning.

GETTR CEO Jason Miller said, “the incurable, rotting, politically discriminatory culture inside the Blue Bird.”

Miller called on conservatives to look elsewhere for free speech platforms. He also described the culture at Twitter to be “broken.”

Twitter has a history of shadowbanning and censoring speech they call disinformation.

Although he has since changed much of his political loyalties, Musk historically had voted democratic.

Twitter has said they will pursue legal action to force Musk to complete his preliminary deal.

But if they want the sale to happen, maybe they should provide the information he’s requisition. What, exactly, are they hiding?