Nancy Pelosi Claims That Putin Will ‘Still Pay’ Even Without Ukraine Invasion

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns Russian President Vladimir Putin that if he invades Ukraine, he will face repercussions. “This isn’t a case of ‘bully the world and then walk away,’” she explains. “What Putin has put them through now has a price to pay,” Pelosi says.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi warned that if Russia breaches Ukraine’s sovereignty, it will suffer “brutal” sanctions and that Congress may seek to impose its reaction. On Capitol Hill, Pelosi was joined by Reps. Barbara Lee, Betty McCollum, and other legislative leaders.

Moreover, Nancy Pelosi believes the US is dedicated to working together with their European friends in the interests of diplomacy. At a gathering of congressional Republicans and Democrats in Germany, Pelosi declared, “Diplomacy is still alive in all of this.” Around 40 members of Congress, including Republicans and Democrats, attended the rally to demonstrate their support for NATO and Ukraine.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “attack on Ukraine” a “assault on democracy.” Security officials in the United States and NATO have warned that Putin may be planning an invasion of Ukraine in the following days, a belief echoed by President Biden, who stated that Putin has already chosen to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Schiff added that the rest of the world is watching them, echoing the speaker’s remarks. “Other governments would feel free to oppress their democratic neighbors if they do not act immediately to impose the strongest sanctions ever imposed,” he continued.

“The door to dialogue remains open and will stay open until Putin slams it shut,” Schiff said. He claims that if Russia invades Ukraine, the deaths might be massive. The quickness with which the NATO alliance responded to Putin’s threat to Ukraine was praised by US politicians.

Therefore, he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “That loss of life will be solely Putin’s fault.” Rubio said, “Ukraine’s battle is our struggle, and they stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine.” His remarks came only hours after Vice President Kamala Harris threatened Russia with penalties if it invaded Ukraine further.