Nancy Pelosi Gets The Perfect New Year’s Greeting From House Republicans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been the most substantial reinforcement of Joe Biden’s agenda since he slithered his way into the presidency. Despite this legislation’s adverse consequences on Americans, Pelosi continues her work to get Biden’s spending bills passed.

During the Trump administration, Pelosi raged about the prices of gas. However, since gas prices under Biden have surpassed the rates under the previous White House, Pelosi has been silent.

However, during a Democratic National Committee Christmas even, the House Speaker professed that Biden is “just perfect.”

Now, House Republicans have a perfect greeting for Pelosi as we enter the new year, according to Fox News.

On Saturday, GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy branded Pelosi a “lame duck speaker” with a caption wishing everyone a happy new year as we go into 2022.

McCarthy was far from alone. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise also wished everyone a happy new year before laying out the House GOP’s goals this year. These goals include working for US families, winning back the House majority, and stopping Biden’s horrific agenda from passing into law.

Pelosi and McCarthy frequently sparred with one another throughout 2021, exchanging insults. The feud is expected to intensify this year due to the midterms coming up in November.

House Republicans, according to multiple polls and historical precedent, are in a powerful position to take back the majority in this chamber. The strong odds of the House GOP are further helped by the fact that close to two dozen House Democrats are not running for re-election this year.

If Republicans win back the House of Representatives, the United States will face some significant changes. One of the most impactful changes will be that Biden no longer has the House of Representatives to help pass his policies into law.

If Republicans successfully take back the House of Representatives, this will automatically remove Pelosi as the Speaker of the House. At this time, the likeliest candidate who will succeed Pelosi is McCarthy.

Polling taken during the end of 2021 showed that McCarthy enjoys a reasonable level of popularity with the American people. He’s also doing better than his Senate counterpart, Mitch McConnell, widely unpopular, even amongst GOP voters.

Unlike McConnell, McCarthy also benefits from remaining a pivotal ally to President Trump.