Nancy Pelosi Says ‘We Need To Go Past China’s Alleged Genocide’ To Get Their Help Against Climate Change


Nancy Pelosi visited the United Kingdom, where she imparted her pearls of wisdom to the allies across the pond. During the interview in the United Kingdom, Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to Republicans as “cult” members and claimed that the Republican Party is harmful to the United States. That’s a lot, but it’s nothing in comparison to what she went on to say after that. Even though China is accused of committing “genocide” against the Uyghurs, she believes that the most pressing issue is cooperation on climate change. Following her comments, the public was outraged, and Twitter was inundated with insulting tweets about the Speaker.

Surprisingly, while the Chinese authorities may be cracking down on Hong Kong, threatening Taiwan, igniting global pandemics, suppressing human rights, and committing genocide, for her, it is far more essential that America maintain a dialogue with them to combat climate change, the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, possibly since the dawn of life on this planet. Does Nancy Pelosi have anything on which she would not make an exception in the cause of combating climate change? It certainly doesn’t appear to be the case.

Those who live in the United States of America found this statement to be incredibly sickening. It appeared as though the Speaker of the House had just proclaimed to the world that genocide is not a concern of US foreign policy by making this statement on the matter. Moreover, In other words, China is free to kill people, threaten its neighbors on the high seas and enslave people, but every state should allow it to continue doing so as long as it is ready to make bogus climate change pledges. It is the most incompetent national policy ever stated by Nancy Pelosi.