Nationwide FBI Raid on Republicans Includes Former Trump DOJ Official Jeffrey Clark

Former Trump administration Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark was the subject of an early Wednesday morning FBI raid at his Northern Virginia home.

He appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News Thursday evening to discuss how he was forced outside of his home in his pajamas while 12 FBI agents and two Fairfax County officers ransacked his house using an “electronic sniffer dog” and seized his personal electronic equipment.

Clark described the search as part of a nationwide “Stasi-like” raid on Republicans who helped President Trump investigate the wrongdoing involved in the 2020 election. He told Carlson the nationwide effort is “highly politicized” and involved simultaneous searches in multiple states where electronics were seized.

Clark told Carlson that he increasingly does not “recognize the country anymore.”

At the same time Clark’s house was searched, FBI agents executed a search warrant at the home of Nevada’s top Republican official, Michael McDonald. Nevada GOP state party secretary James DeGraffenreid also had a search warrant issued for his electronics, although agents reportedly could not locate him on Wednesday.

The six electors of the Nevada GOP reportedly signed a document in December 2020 showing their support for President Trump in a non-binding symbolic ceremony.

FBI officials told the Washington Post that agents conducted a “coordinated law enforcement activity” at two other locations Wednesday morning. One was the home of Georgia attorney Brad Carver, who allegedly signed a document claiming to be a Trump elector. The second was at the Virginia home of Thomas Lane, who was involved in the 2020 Trump campaign in New Mexico and Arizona.

FBI agents also interviewed Allegheny County Pennsylvania Republican Party chairman Sam DeMarco at his home early Thursday morning. He was also served with a subpoena demanding communications between him, Trump electors in Pennsylvania, and members of the Trump legal team.

None other than disgraced and fired former FBI agent Peter Strzok commented on the coordinated raids and mocked Clark in describing the “sprawling inquiry into efforts to overturn the 2020 election.”

In a tweet posted after Clark’s appearance with Tucker Carlson, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) threateningly said that Clark is a “reprehensible pettifogger who will be held accountable for his corrupt conduct.”