NBC Pressures Social Media To Remove Videos Showing Fetterman Struggle To Speak

Democratic Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman has delivered few public remarks, avoided media interviews, and canceled plans to debate his GOP rival since suffering a serious stroke earlier this year.

Although he has delivered a few brief speeches in recent days, his campaign has made it clear that he still struggles with his speech and certain cognitive functions as a result.

While some of his critics have come under fire for citing his health condition as a reason that he is not fit to serve in the Senate, even the Washington Post editorial board acknowledged that voters deserve to see him debate multiple times before making a decision about which candidate to support.

When conservative pundit Greg Price posted a video featuring clips of his stammering remarks at a recent campaign event, however, NBC News was apparently prepared to circle the wagons around the far-left candidate.

In a subsequent article, NBC writer Benjamin Goggin celebrated the fact that TikTok had already taken down the videos after the network flagged them as inaccurate or misleading.

“Deceptively edited videos that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter and TikTok exaggerate the speech issues that have plagued John Fetterman,” he wrote.

While TikTok acquiesced, Goggin lamented that Twitter “did not immediately respond to requests.”

As of this writing, Price’s compilation video is still being shared on the platform.

For his part, Price pulled no punches in his response to the “regime propagandists” behind NBC’s effort to pull the video, reiterating his belief that Fetterman is “clearly unfit in every way” for the job he is seeking.

“You can print that,” Price concluded. “Have a nice day.”

Fetterman has agreed to one debate, which would take place well after early voting starts in Pennsylvania, though many of his critics say that offer is woefully insufficient. Earlier this month, his Republican rival theorized that the Democrat had been “ducking, dodging these debates” for one of two reasons.

“Either he’s healthy, which he says he is, and doesn’t want to answer for his radical positions in past statements, or he’s lying about his health,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz. “Either way, the voters of Pennsylvania deserve an answer, and I think they deserve that answer pretty quickly, since the absentee ballots will be mailed out in the next two to three weeks.”