NC State Sportscaster Suspended Indefinitely For Saying ‘Illegal Aliens’

A sportscaster who works for the North Carolina State football radio broadcasts has been indefinitely suspended for uttering the phrase “illegal aliens” on air.

Gary Hahn works for Learfield Communications, the broadcast rights holder for N.C. State athletics. On Friday, the football team was playing in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl game against the University of Maryland in Charlotte, North Carolina, when Hahn gave an on-air score update about other games.

The update included commentary about the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl game being played at the same time in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso is currently on the front lines of the ongoing border crisis at the country’s southern border. Joe Biden’s open border policies and the potential end of the Trump-era Title 42 public health order have led to an overwhelming flood of illegal immigrants into the U.S.

The El Paso Border Patrol sector sees the most illegal border crossings in Texas by far. As the City of El Paso struggles to manage the number of illegal aliens in the city for processing, many have been left sleeping out on the streets during the recent freezing weather.

During the score update for the Sun Bowl, Hahn said: “Down among all the illegal aliens in El Paso, it’s UCLA 14 and Pittsburgh 6.”

Learfield stated it had suspended Hahn indefinitely “following comments made during today’s Duke’s Mayo Bowl radio broadcast. Wolfpack Sports Properties general manager Kyle Winchester also confirmed the suspension in a statement issued on Friday.

The recent surge in illegal migration into El Paso led to the cancellation of the annual Sun Bowl Fan Fest associated with the game. It could not be held this year because the city’s convention center has been temporarily converted into a shelter for illegal migrants waiting for processing.

Many of the migrants slept on the city’s public streets during the recent polar vortex that plunged virtually the entire country into an extended extreme cold snap. They camped out mainly wearing donated clothing, with some refusing to use the temporary shelters provided by the city.