New January 6 Footage Shows Capitol Police Fired Into Peaceful Crowd

Newly released footage from the January 6 Capitol protests has revealed that U.S. Capitol Police officers fired rubber bullets and other projectiles into the non-violent crowd protesting outside the Capitol building — causing chaos.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) followed through on one of his promises soon after being elected to his position, releasing security footage from the protests on January 6, 2021.

Searching through the videos, analysts discovered footage of Capitol Police firing on a peaceful crowd — including a rubber bullet that went through the cheek of peaceful protester Joshua Black.

WATCH (Warning, Graphic Video):

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec and National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam were on the ground that day and heard the chaos unfold. According to Human Events, Posobiec and Kassam “were reporting on the grounds in Washington DC that day, walking towards the Capitol when they heard flash bangs go off at around 1:10 pm EST, right around the time President Donald Trump’s speech was ending.”

On Monday, Posobiec hosted Kassam on his show to discuss the events in light of the newly released footage.

Kassam recalled hearing the first bang, noting that he initially thought it sounded like “pallets falling off of the back of a truck” — until he was able to get a better view of the incident from a rooftop, where he watched the scuffle unfold.

After reminding viewers that the American people were initially told to believe that Trump had incited the “insurrection” in his speech near the White House until it was confirmed that the timeline of events did not add up — he explained that they are now learning that the narrative about violence was also false, as it is being proven that it was actually incited by the Capitol Police.

“We’ve now seen so many more angles, so much more footage of who actually started and provoked the violence that day and, unfortunately, it was the police,” Kassam said. “The police indiscriminately fired flash bangs, non-lethal munitions into a crowd that was otherwise just milling around.”

He then pointed out that protesters had not attempted to breach the Capitol building nor had they gotten rough with police until the police fired upon the crowd. It is unclear at this time who gave the direct order to fire on the crowd without warning.

Posobiec also noted that the area where protesters were gathered, which the left and the media have claimed was a “restricted area,” was just the lawn of the Capitol building — pointing out that the area was never “restricted,” as he had previously taken his children to play in the area in the past with no issues.

Kassam responded by asserting that, judging by the general age of the protesters, most of them were probably used to a time when the public was free to congregate on the Capitol grounds, and thus it was “ridiculous” that the lawn was considered to be restricted that day.

“There was one set of people that changed the rules that day and it wasn’t the Trump supporters,” he said. “It was the political establishment, it was Nancy Pelosi, it was the instructions she gave to the Capitol police.”