New Poll Numbers Show Voters Unhappy with Democrats

A new poll conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee reveals that Americans are not happy with the current administration and its policies. Biden’s approval rating sank 15% among voters in 77 key congressional districts across the nation. The poll also highlights that the economy and jobs were the main concerns of voters, and that Republicans hold a remarkable advantage heading into the midterms because they’re addressing these issues.

The results of the polling indicates that only 40% of voters in key battleground districts approve of Biden’s job as president, with 55% of voters wholly disapproving. Details of the survey show that only 17% of voters strongly approve of Biden, with 45% strongly disapproving.

It gets worse for Democrats. A whopping 62% of Independents disapprove of Biden, while only 30% of Independents approve. Among Hispanic voters, Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted, down 10% since the president’s inauguration.

The survey suggests that Democrats are in a difficult position. In these crucial districts, 75% of swing voters agree that Democrats have a “patronizing” attitude and are “out of touch” with the ordinary Americans.

NRCC’s survey also reveals that the GOP leads with voters who are most concerned about cost of living by 24%, with a 20% lead among those most concerned with the economy and jobs. The GOP also holds a strong position among voters who are concerned about inflation and crime, as 75% of voters would support a Republican contender to fight inflation and 78% would support a Republican contender to eliminate drug trafficking by the cartels.

Earlier this month, a Wall Street Journal survey found that 57% of voters disapprove of Biden’s performance, with 63% holding the belief that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

NRCC’s survey makes it clear that the Democratic Party is in trouble among voters in these battleground districts as we head into midterm elections that will determine the president’s ability to enact his agenda for the rest of his term. Republicans look poised to take control of Congress and finally provide the check to this radical presidency that’s been missing — barring any unforeseen “fortification.”