New York Bans the Sale of Bullet Proof Vests

Banning safety measures for citizens is dangerous when included in legislation. The public has a right to defend and protect themselves even when it comes to bulletproof vests.

New York State lawmakers enacted new gun laws, red flag laws and banned bullet proof vests at the same time. The reasoning behind the ban may seem reasonable at first, but it’s ultimately based around an emotional conversation about mass shootings and terrorism.

The text in Senate Bill S9407B reads, “A person is guilt of the unlawful purchase of a body vest when, not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, they knowingly purchase or take possession of a body vest, as such term is defined in subdivision two of section 270.20 of this article.”

Eligible professions, according to the bill, include military and police.

The key phrase in that paragraph is “eligible profession.” Security officers, for example, often need bulletproof vests for protection, especially if they’re armed security officers.

Correctional officers are in the same category. Many correctional officers aren’t sworn law enforcement officers but wear bulletproof vests to protect them while working in prisons and jails. If protections are stripped from dangerous environments then it could be disastrous for these professions.

Alongside the bullet proof vest ban, the age to buy an “assault weapon” (defined here in section 22) in New York has been raised to 21 years old. The bill (Senate Bill S9458) comes after two mass shootings within the last month.

New York hasn’t placed a higher minimum age to join the military and potentially sacrifice your life in war, but if you choose not to join, you can’t own a military style rifle in your personal life.

New York state also hasn’t acknowledged that children and young adults have the mental capacity to change their gender, but not own an assault weapon. There’s a real conversation that needs to happen about the mental capacity of children and young adults to make decisions for themselves. This can’t be a divided issue on different topics.

There’s also been a bill passed that will allow for petitions to be granted to take or ban weapons sales to individuals who have been evaluated, otherwise known as “red flag laws.”

Senate Bill S9113A “Authorizes the filing of an application for an extreme risk protection order by a licensed physician, licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, certified clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, registered professional nurse, licensed master social worker or licensed mental health counselor who has examined the person against whom the order is sought.”

If that wasn’t enough, New York also has a bill (Assembly Bill A7865A) that would require “social media networks to provide and maintain mechanisms for reporting hateful conduct on their platform.”

These laws are extremely dangerous and will result in a loss of constitutional rights if left unchecked. Hopefully the Supreme Court of the United States will step in and halt these bills before they destroy New York and expand to other states.