New York City Facing Serious Crime Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has failed his community.

During his campaign, Adams promised the people of New York City that he’d shut down the growing crime problem. Then-candidate Adams even alleged that his prior career as a police officer gave him the necessary tools and experience to end crime.

The people of New York City believed Adams and elected him to fulfill his campaign promises. Suffice it to say, the Democratic mayor hasn’t lived up to his word. In fact, crime has worsened on his watch.

Now, the law enforcement community is drawing attention to just how unsafe New York City has become.

A Major Crisis For the New York Police Department
According to the Police Benevolent Association of New York City, law enforcement in the community is short-staffed, stretched thin, and not facing any signs of relief soon.

This news follows after Adams decided to fire New York City police officers who weren’t willing to take experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

When the mayor was questioned if he was worried about the impacts this would have on the community, he said it was a great chance to “diversify” the police force.

Somehow, this isn’t working out so well for the people of New York City. Though as more and more crime in the community goes viral, Adams is still asleep at the wheel.

Recently, the New York City mayor caught flak for alleging that reports of crime are nothing more than a “perception” falsely peddled by the media. Whereas the New Yorkers who are being attacked at random in the streets would likely beg to differ.

The Hard Truth About New York City
New York City has been under Democratic leadership for years on end. Adams’ leadership might as well be a continuation of former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D) tenure.

So long as New York City continues to vote for Democrats, the end results will be crime, chaos, and disarray. In New York City and across the United States, Democratic leaders at all levels continue to show they’re unwilling to uphold law and order.

In order for communities to have a chance of coming back, they’ll need leaders – mayors, district attorneys, and other officeholders – who are serious about defending the rule of law.