New York City Mayor Considers Running For President In 2024

The Democratic Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, might be considering a 2024 Presidential run, if President Biden decides not to run for a second term.

A close associate of Adams has claimed that he has repeatedly mentioned having the platform to run for national office in 2024. Adams’ associate also added that according to the Democratic mayor, New York is a national platform where he can win.

According to the New York Post, a Democratic official from Brooklyn, who is in frequent contact with Mayor Adams, revealed that he was looking to run for President in 2024. However, that will only happen if President Joe Biden decides not to seek a second term, the official added.

It was also reported that Adams’ advisor, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, is leading the charge and supporting him on this decision. The various rumors about Biden’s unlikeliness to return for a second term have boosted Adams’ interest in a presidential run.

A Republican lawmaker added that Adams’ success as a presidential candidate would heavily rely on his ability to control New York’s growing crime rate.

The lawmaker added that a progressive African-American candidate who brings down the crime rate in a big city like New York, can become very popular. As a big city Democrat, Adams would rise to fame and gather a lot of support if he took care of the crime problem in the city.

Many people within the Democratic Party do not agree with Adams and his “Big Apple Agenda”. His support for the police and opposition to the state bail reform has put him at odds with the many socialists in the party.

There has been a long history of NYC mayors such as Bill de Blasio, Rudy Guiliani, and Michael Bloomberg, who sought the presidency and participated in a presidential campaign.

Last week at an event in Harlem, Adams joked that if he had an early screening for dyslexia, people would have been referring to him as Mr. President, instead of Mr. Mayor.

Co-CEO of Tusk Strategies, Chris Coffey, claimed that Adams would be crazy not to consider running for President, given his success as one of America’s most popular black-elected officials. Coffey also stated that Adams chances of winning are quite good if he reduces NYC’s crime rate and Biden decides not to seek a second term.