Newsmax Drops Lara Logan Over ‘Satan’ Commentary

Commentator Lara Logan is no longer a welcome voice on Newsmax as of Thursday. After a controversial appearance on Eric Bolling’s network program, it was announced that the outlet “has no plans to interview her again.”

Logan’s remarks on immigration, borders, and other areas quickly went viral and resulted in a strong backlash. Bolling himself seemed caught by surprise at what his guest had to say.

In a statement, the conservative network said that it “condemns in the strongest possible terms the reprehensible statements made by Lara Logan” and added that her viewpoints do not reflect those of the network.

Bolling recoiled when Logan explained that immigration is a “spiritual battle” and that “the fallen angel otherwise known as Satan doesn’t get to prevail in the world.”

And the former mainstream media journalist was just getting started.

Logan listed God’s beliefs as including “sovereignty, a national identity,” and the sanctity of the family. She explained that open borders are “Satan’s way of taking control of the world” through those she called his stooges and servants.

She further referenced Israeli intellectual Yuval Harari and the World Economic Forum as an organization that “wants us eating insects, cockroaches, and that while they dine on the blood of children.”

Before these comments, the ex-CBS reporter foretold the Biden administration setting up a “Reichstag fire,” a reference to the event Nazis used to gain control of 1930s Germany.

Logan asserted she was shown a secret United Nations scheme for a “global cabal” to “dilute the blood of patriots.” This would be done by bringing 100 million immigrants into the U.S.

The reporter was formerly employed by Fox News, but the network ended her Fox Nation streaming program and cut ties last year after she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to an infamous Nazi physician.

Logan has experienced a precipitous fall from grace, and even her conservative credentials are not enough to save her from being rightfully deplatformed by Fox News and now Newsmax. Both networks quickly distanced themselves from her QAnon-inspired messages.