Newsom Not Running In 2024

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) will not be running for president in 2024, despite speculation. After he won re-election in California’s gubernatorial election, Newsom decided not to run. Speculation that he would run came after Newsom visited the White House while President Biden was visiting elsewhere.

Instead, the California Governor hopes that President Biden will run for re-election against former President Donald Trump. Newsom believes Biden could “beat him again” and plans to “enthusiastically support him.” Even if Biden does not run again, Newsom stated that he would not be in the race. However, he may consider running for president in 2028.

Newsom criticized the Democratic Party for handling advertisements ahead of the midterm elections. He felt like Democrats were not doing enough and urged members to challenge Republicans and top-running governors aggressively. Newsom wanted advertisements to target and criticize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott because they would be Republican top contenders for future presidential races.

Re-election in California was a breeze for Newsom since he fought off a recall effort last year. He is so prevalent in his state that Democrats are surprised he would deny running again. But the California Governor truly believes Biden can beat Trump a second time.

The Democratic Party did manage to outperform at polls during midterms. So, mainstream media and famous observers have already declared him a winner for the 2024 race, based on the midterm election. Although they lost control of the House, the Democratic Party kept a majority in the Senate.

Biden has stated on multiple occasions that he intends to run for president again next year. Technically, he has not made a final decision or an official announcement. If Biden runs again, increased Democratic support is highly likely, according to polls. If Biden becomes the GOP nominee, Democrats will surely back him at higher rates than 2020. Trump is the first Republican and significant candidate to jump into the 2024 race. He made his third bid for the White House last week, and all eyes are currently on him. Fortunately, this is no big problem for the former president.