Nightmare America: Fireworks Shot at Civilians in Police-Hating Minneapolis

Fourth of July was once celebrated as a wholesome holiday of independence, but nothing comes without divisiveness these days.

On July 4 and into the morning of July 5, cars drove down busy streets and blasted large fireworks at people in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

American cities used to be places where dreams thrived. But now, the most heavily populated areas look more like warzones.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that police arrested one person in connection with aiming fireworks at residential buildings. The lawbreakers injured at least one police officer.

The Star Tribune news editor, Paul Klauda, lives in the targeted downtown Minneapolis area. “It seemed like 2nd Street looking toward Portland was ground zero,” Klauda reported.

Crowds gathered despite police trying to calm the situation. The explosions damaged luxury houses in the downtown area.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, the trouble started and had “kids running around, driving around, shooting fireworks toward cars, buildings, people,” Klauda said. Cars were speeding down the streets, hanging out of vehicles, and shooting fireworks.

“The booms echoed off the buildings, giving it a surreal vibe. At times, kids would … get in and out of cars, sometimes appearing to be re-arming themselves with fireworks,” Klauda continued. “One of the first times cops showed up — without much presence, so it did little to alter the night — someone sent a firework at the squad car.”

Another part of the liberal city also saw this type of behavior. Karyn Entzion was a witness in a large crowd where someone launched a firework at her.

“They were shooting them intentionally onto the roof of my building,” she said. “I had to run. And these weren’t small fireworks. They were huge rocket-like launcher fireworks.”

Police were dispatched and attempted to clear out areas where people congregated while hoodlums continued to shoot fireworks at people for hours.

“There had also been reports of gunfire and violent crimes being committed,” the police report said.

Order is a thing of the past. Cities were under siege in 2020 when Black Lives Matter rioters spread chaos throughout the country. Liberal politicians set a precedent back then. Now violence and criminal mischief are a regular occurrence in cities.