No More Meaningless Gestures Take Back Schools With 1776 Report And ‘Love America Act’


Since when is Patriotism a dirty word? Is it wrong to teach children to love their own country?

We must end the political grandstanding and formulate a comprehensive national strategy to push back on Critical Race Theory (CRT). Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton, and anyone else who wants to move about on racial division and hatred must develop grassroots activism that dovetails with the national legislative agenda. Conservative bills will not see the light of day for the next year and a half.

Advocates of Critical Race Theory argue that educating children using the curricula of American History that existed in most schools before implementing Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States in 1980 is indoctrination. Following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, on May 25, 2020, it recently culminated in the Anti-racism movement of 2020.

Anti-racism acolytes claim that certain aspects of the Civil Rights and Abolition movements were anti-racist, but they get to pick and choose which parts fit their narrative. When Ibram X. Kendi, Boston University professor of History specializing in Africana and Latino Studies, published his book, How to Be an Anti-racist, on August 13, 2019, he proposed a version of Critical Race Theory that discusses individual actions and systemic changes.

Kendi writes, “The opposite of “racist” isn’t “not racist.” It is “anti-racist.” What’s the difference? One endorses either the idea of a racial hierarchy as racist or racial equality as an anti-racist.” So, if you are not a racist, that is not good enough. It would be best if you opposed racism wherever you can find it actively. That means anti-racists are sniffing out racism. And, of course, once you find what you are looking at in the faces of people you meet who are different from you, you can dismantle the whole system that supports them.

According to James Lindsay, professor of mathematics, editor of the Translations from the Wokish at the New Discourses, and author of the book Cynical Theories writes “this definition, which does not merely mean “against racism,” as one might assume of the term, is absolutely standard in Social Justice. It reflects the core tenet of Critical Race Theory that racism is ordinary and permeates everything. As may be seen in Kendi’s use of the word “inequities,” anti-racism is to be thought of in terms of equity, not equality.” It means the government must be transformed into social agents who achieve equal outcomes, not equal opportunity.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), said, “Let’s be clear: Critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools or high schools. It’s a method of examination taught in law school and college that helps analyze whether systemic racism exists.” Anyone who has listened to Barack Obama speak knows that when someone says “let me be clear,” they mean just the opposite. The National Education Association, the most prominent teacher’s union, attacks groups that oppose critical race theory being included in school curricula.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley (MO) has proposed a law, the Love America Act, to promote Patriotism in public schools. His bill would ban federal funding to schools that teach “systematic racism” was at the core of the founding of the USA. It would require students to cite the Pledge of Allegiance in first grade. Students must memorize the preamble of the Constitution by fourth grade. By eighth grade, students must know the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. And, by tenth grade, students would be able to identify and deliver the Bill of Rights.

Josh Hawley is opposed to CRT. So is Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (AR), who introduced The Stop CRT Act, which bans federal funding for Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Hawley “The only way to replace those lies is to teach kids the truth, and that’s what the Love America Act is about. Over the past year, Americans have watched stunned as a radical ideology spread through our country’s elite institutions, which teaches America an irredeemably racist nation founded by White supremacists. Now it has found its way into our children’s schools. We cannot afford our children to lose faith in the noble ideals this country was founded on. We have to make sure that our children understand what makes this country great, the ideals of hope and promise our Founding Fathers fought for, and the love of country that unites us all.”

Dr. Larry P. Arnn, Hillsdale College president, and Dr. Carol Swain, former professor of political science and professor of law at Vanderbilt University, contributed to The 1776 Report. He noted, “We as a country must continue to work together to protect the principles it articulates and the liberties they promise.” Trump launched the Commission to advise him on the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in July 2026. The book addresses the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And it outlines the “challenges to the principles of 1776 posed in the past by slavery, progressivism, fascism, and communism, and racism and identity politics today.”

Hawley and Cotton need to cooperate on one bill and incorporate this report into the legislation.