North Carolina Woman Tells Other Ladies To Arm Themselves After Shooting Burglar

In another story pointing out the faulty logic behind the gun-grabbing legislative efforts of Democrats in Washington and around the nation, a North Carolina woman wounded a would-be burglar who broke into her home Tuesday morning. The bad guy is now behind bars after she used her weapon that she had never fired before to protect herself from harm.

Tarika McAllister of the small town of Dunn south of the state capital of Raleigh was awakened before 6 a.m. by her dog and the sound of a loud bang at the rear of her home. The 29-year-old was home alone and soon saw a man carrying some of her belongings inside her home and trying to steal her dog.

She yelled at the stranger to get out of her house, but he ignored her. She then said she decided to “turn around and grab the gun.” She said that she was “fumbling with it,” as it was her first time using it.

McAllister told local reporters that even though she was scared for her life, she was able to switch off the gun’s safety and deal with the intruder. She said, “I just lifted it up, and I started shooting at him, wherever he was moving to, I just shot him out of the house.”

The intruder, Malihk Giles, was later found around 200 yards away from McAllister’s residence with gunshot wounds to his right leg and right side. Police took Giles, 20, into custody and transported him to a local hospital for medical care. He was treated and then taken to the Harnett County Detention Center.

He was charged with first-degree burglary and possession of stolen property. His bail was set at $75,000 and he was still being held at the jail as of early Friday.

McAllister went on to tell local reporters that she believes women should arm themselves in order to be able to defend themselves. She acknowledged that many women are scared of guns, but said that she feels “those are the best protectors for us because we can’t fight a man. We can’t fight an intruder off.”

She said that she is “still shook up” and is a little afraid of being by herself at the moment. However, she said she now feels “stronger” and prepared to handle any other home invaders that might come along.

McAllister said that she is “very proud that I stood up for myself, as a woman.”