North Korean Defector Discusses Fear of ‘Massive Indoctrination’ in Public Schools

In an interview with Fox News, North Korean defector Yeonmi Park revealed that she is worried freedoms are being lost in the United States as left-wing indoctrination takes over K-12 schools.

“This is exactly the dictator’s handbook,” Park said. “I mean, it’s Hitler’s youth, Mao’s youth and Kim Il-Sung’s youth. They always go for young children because they have [not] lived their life enough to… have critical thinking skills. Their brains are very plastic, very malleable, and easy to observe information and believe it and [they’re] innocent.”

“And… big killers [who] want to seize power from the people, they always mobilize the youth,” she added. “And that is the truth that [worries me that], as a parent myself, that I cannot protect my child right now in America.”

Park went on to discuss her childhood in Hyesan, North Korea, saying that the people were so oppressed that they do not even have the ability to describe it — the words to do so were stolen from them in an Orwellian fashion.

“So the thing about North Korea is that it is oppressed to the point we don’t even have the word for oppression… There’s actually even the control of the language in words. And this is why it concerns me where there’s such a something called a speech code, the things that we cannot talk about in America right now,” she said.

Park also brought up her concerns about what she calls the “massive indoctrination coming from the left” that is also introducing socialism as a good idea to children.

“I’m willing to move anywhere it takes for me to protect my child from this brainwashing,” she said. “So when one more person convert[s] every day like that, we are going to end up like North Korea eventually. So I think it’s our personal responsibility to protect as many people… [and] children as we can from this massive indoctrination coming from the left.”

Park escaped from North Korea in 2007 at the age of 13, undergoing a long and treacherous journey that took her to China, Mongolia, South Korea and then finally to the United States in 2014.

“I escaped North Korea when I was 13 years old… And that journey led me to become trafficked in China and sold as a child sex wife… Currently, I’m right now actually fighting for freedom even in America,” she said.

“A lot of people in America, who are born into freedom, they never had to fight for their freedom… I had to fight for freedom… I fought for it… So I think it gives me a unique perspective and unique appreciation for what I have here,” Park added.

She is currently raising her 4-year-old son in Chicago, and is concerned about the indoctrination he is already facing in the daycare she sends him to.

“It’s really worrisome because… I cannot afford not to work and… do homeschooling,” Park said. “I have to have him [in the] public education system.”

The indoctrination includes ideas such as “white privilege” and “white guilt” and, according to Park, that is exactly what North Korea did in the name of “equity.”

“[In America,] it’s all about this hierarchy of victimhood. And I see that my son… [is] learning their school, who is privileged, who is guilty,” she said.

Park then talked about the so-called ‘antiracist socialism’ promoted by race-hustler Ibram X. Kendi, whose ideas are taught in many U.S. schools, and said that it terrifies her. She recalled how citizens of North Korea gave up their land and their rights for the sake of equality and ended up receiving nothing in return.

“This is where it keeps me up at night. I never knew that I was going to be waking up at night terrified of being in America. I did that tons of nights in North Korea and China,” Park said.

“The definition of socialism means giving all the power to the government – they decide the means of production,” she added. “They despise every aspect of our lives… In North Korea, they say, ‘Okay, we’re going to make sure everybody is equal… So give us all your land.’ So we gave the regime all the land, so they abolish[ed] private property. Nobody could own anything. State owns it. And that is when they took everything, did not give anything back to us. And then when we gave all our rights, they didn’t give anything back… That’s a reality of socialism.”

Park went on to assert that those who promote the ideology of socialism fail to study history.

“That’s why we keep repeating it,” she said. “We have seen how this plays a role, a playbook for dictators. There is a playbook for this elite… to seize power from people. And this brainwashing is a seed of that like making sure that everybody [is]… brainwash[ed] to believe this is a way to get to that paradise. And the paradise doesn’t exist.”

Park is currently writing a book entitled “While Time Remains: A North Korean Defector’s Search for Freedom in America,” which will be released in 2023. The book details the parallels between some trends in the U.S. and North Korea, including censorship of speech and demonizing certain groups of people for the purpose of exploiting power.