NY State May Soon Abandon Its Insane Bail Reform Law

There is a saying in the news business that if it bleeds it leads. New York has been providing plenty of news headlines lately because of its ridiculous bail reform standards. There seems to be a story every night of someone committing a heinous crime and then immediately being released on their own recognizance. Progressive activists on the left applaud these moves because they make the argument that people of color are unequally impacted by bail policies.

Undoubtedly it is a complex situation and must be examined from all angles. However, this does not mean that we should throw the baby out with the bath water. Bail is a system that has been developed over hundreds of years for a reason. It is used to keep violent suspects off the streets and make sure that other suspects do not flee and return to face trial.

Just because it is not perfect does not mean we should set every single person free who is suspected of committing a crime. Some lunatics need to be held without bail or they will certainly harm other people in the community. Take the case of Eugene Clark. He was already on parole when he allegedly killed Raymond Luna. This guy has a serious history and there is substantial evidence he murdered someone. We should take some time before we just immediately release him back on the street.

It has gotten so bad that even Governor Kathy Hochul is arguing to take a step back from these insane bail reforms. When the crazy lady with the vaccine amulet says we may have gone too far, you know you went too far a long time ago.

The bail reform movement is born out of Utopian thinking. Activists point to clear flaws in the current system and argue that we should scrap the whole thing. What they fail to realize is that the current policies are the result of decades of experimentation to find out what works. Is it perfect? No. But that does not mean that abandoning it will make it better. In fact, jurisdictions across the country are finding out that casting aside bail measures is killing people. The solution lies in incremental change. Making what we have better. Not abandoning it out of whole cloth. Hopefully, politicians will come to their sense before more people are killed.