NY Times: ‘Little Mermaid’ Kids Movie Needs ‘Kink’

The left does not even try to hide its targeting of children anymore, and the New York Times just provided a great example of the depths these “journalists” have fallen to.

Reviewing Disney’s live adaptation of “The Little Mermaid,” the Times writer complained that the newly released kids movie was missing something that would make it more entertaining — “kink.”

The age you must be to remember when the Times was a widely respected newspaper is getting older by the day.

The children’s movie could use an injection of many elements, according to the reviewer. “Joy, fun, mystery, risk, flavor, kink — they’re missing.” While the other aspects are story-driven and fair game for critique, there are few ways to misinterpret the writer’s intent for desiring “kink.”

No, writer Wesley Morris’ meaning is clear. The standard definition is an unusual preference or even perversion, and however it is defined, it certainly has no place in a film targeting children.

It was intentional and it carried a message. In 2023, when the overt targeting of children by woke corporations and activists is in the headlines daily, there is no chance Morris did not know the exact connotations carried by his choice of the word “kink.”

The online backlash was predictably harsh.

One commentator noted “The New York Times wrote a movie review of the children’s film ‘The Little Mermaid’ and lamented it lacked kink. I think we have a pedophilia problem, not a [gender] identity crisis in children.”

Extremely valid point, and one made even sharper when observing it is the left that consistently accuses conservatives of engaging in a “culture war.” The question is, which side is always raising the stakes and demanding that more and more deviance becomes the norm?

A person wrote, “The kink was missing, huh? Unbelievable.”

Yet another commentator asked, “Not enough KINK?! In ‘The Little Mermaid?’ What does that even mean?”

The Disney film, which opened to mixed critical reviews but scored well with audiences, took in a whopping $117 million over Memorial Day weekend. According to Variety, that is the fifth-highest grossing Memorial Day movie in history.

The musical has a 95% approval on over 5,000 Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and that’s without the “kink” the Times wanted to see.