NYC Mayor Says He’s Handled Illegal Immigration Crisis Well

Even though New York City officials recently closed James Madison High School in Brooklyn, New York, to house illegal immigrants, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said he’s “done a great job” handling the surge in unlawful migration to the Big Apple.

James Madison High School was used as a temporary housing facility for about 2,000 unlawful migrants, forcing students to leave early on Jan. 9, 2024, and work remotely on Jan. 10, 2024, stripping them of their essential education. Such a decision to shelter the illegal immigrants came as New York City was set to experience torrential downpours and heavy winds.

Despite New York City choosing unlawful migrants over their students, Adams maintains that he and his administration have handled the illegal immigration crisis in the Big Apple well.

During a recent appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA), Adams said the crisis in his state “has nothing to do with sanctuary cities.”

“This has nothing to do with sanctuary cities. Migrants and asylum seekers are paroled into the [country]. They’re here legally. And so, when you have a national leader talking about [being] a sanctuary city is the reason we’re having this, it’s telling me she’s not knowledgeable on the real topic,” Adams said during ABC’s broadcast.

“The problem is, when you parole someone into a country, you should have a decompression strategy on a national level to spread it throughout the country and not target just certain cities,” he added.

The New York City mayor continued by saying that cities across the U.S. should not be subjected to such a large-scale crisis of illegal immigration.

“We’re getting an average — and just think of this number — there are weeks we get 4,000 migrants that come into our city. When you have anywhere from 2,500 to 4,000 coming in a week and you have to find housing, food, shelter, clothing, educating the children, health care, that’s not sustainable,” Adams said.

Although New York City has taken in over 100,000 unlawful migrants since the spring of 2022, affecting all residents in The Empire State, Adams says he’s “done a great job,” adding, “but we can’t continue to sustain this.”

Adams then blasted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) for busing illegal immigrants to the Big Apple, which the Texas governor has done to reduce unlawful migration to the Lone Star State caused by President Joe Biden.

Abbott has sent illegal immigrants to several left-leaning states and cities since Democrats constantly oppose securing the southern border.