Obama is Ducking the Migrants Who Arrived in Martha’s Vineyard

During former President Obama’s time in office, he repeatedly championed and enabled illegal immigration. Like other Democrats, Obama said no human being is illegal and that welcoming people into the country is the American thing to do.

The former president also railed against the Trump-era southern border wall. Yet, this didn’t stop Obama from building his own border wall around his home.

The controversy over illegal immigrants arriving in Martha’s Vineyard pertains to Obama because he has a mega-mansion on the fancy island, with plenty of rooms to host illegal immigrants.

However, the former president is taking a very interesting approach amid migrant arrivals in one of the places he calls home.

A Very Telling Attitude From Obama
When migrants arrived in Martha’s Vineyard, the liberals who largely dominate the island dropped the “no human is illegal” facade.

Fox News Digital expressly reached out to Obama, curious to learn if the former president would agree to put migrants up in his mansion. Neither Obama nor his aides have responded at all.

It’s very clear the former president has no intention of personally opening up his home to illegal immigrants. In fact, after these arrivals, Martha’s Vineyard declared a state of emergency and had the National Guard remove the migrants.

Obama is not an outlier in refusing to practice what he preaches concerning illegal immigration. Democratic mayors of so-called sanctuary cities have considerably changed their tunes since they personally began receiving illegal immigrants in their own cities.

Game Over
After Democrats’ reactions to migrants arriving in sanctuary cities and Martha’s Vineyard, they can no longer claim “no human is illegal” or deem immigration laws to be xenophobic.

If the Democrat Party truly believed its messaging about illegal immigration, there’d be no uproar over migrants arriving in left-wing communities.

Before, when border states were the only ones shouldering the burdens of illegal immigration, Obama and other Democrats were more than happy to preach about compassion and openness.

Now that leftists have to help shoulder this burden in their own communities, the narrative has changed. Nevertheless, Democrats will continue to play games and vilify Republicans as the bad guys.

Recently, the left even stooped so low as to accuse the Florida governor of being a human trafficker.