Outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti Continues To “Attack” The Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles should be glad that the Biden-Harris maladministration tapped mayor Eric Garcetti to become the ambassador to India. As he departed for the ambassadorship of India, Garcetti took a slap at the police in his home city. He blamed the police for the problems in LA.

Garcetti ran for mayor in 2013. He vowed to end homelessness in Los Angeles within ten years. NPR reported that in 2020, homeless people in Los Angeles increased by 14.2% and in LA County by 12.7% from 2019.

Crime in LA has increased since 2018. Homicides rose by 50% to 397 in 2020. It has the most people killed in LA in the last 15 years. The Los Angeles Police Department has been routinely criticized and harassed by the city’s people.

Garcetti attempted to demoralize the police based on a Los Angeles Times story quote. He questioned LAPD discipline and police shootings. He ordered a review of all police-involved shootings. Garcetti lamented that some LAPD officers are not punished as severely as elected officials and police leaders want them to be. He thinks that these officers are violating department use-of-force policies. Discipline panels hand down lesser penalties and may leave officers on the force whom certain officials want to fire.

An officer who has violated policy is shipped off to the right board. Three individuals hear the evidence and decide on the discipline ranging from censuring or firing the officer.

The board members used to be senior LAPD officials, commanders, or above, but now one regular citizen can be added to the board to hear the cases. Garcetti thinks it is shocking that citizen boards have frequently been permissive and declined to terminate police officers.

Most cops are generally devoted to the gig and capable. These officials seldom advance past the position of lieutenant. Politically minded officers attempt to climb the corporate ladder. They may be capable of genuine police work. But like political-minded soldiers, they plan their vacations with an eye toward advancement and promotions. Then some bad cops do their time with minimal effort.

Nobody in the LAPD advances positions without an unsaid gift from the head of police. Michel Moore, the police chief, is very aware of political pressures and makes decisions based on the influence and obligations. Los Angeles is a highly diverse city and faces a wave of crime committed by ethnic minorities. Cops are told to capture offenders kindly yet do it without harming them. It is impossible to stop someone with a gun from shooting you or people around you unless you are willing to shoot back.

As Eric Garcetti jets off to India, the people of the LAPD should know that he has left the city worse for wear. In many ways, Garcetti is only part of the problem that will continue with legal reformers attempting to defund the police and release criminals.