Pennsylvania Representative Conor Lamb Illustrates Democrat Commitment To Radicalism

Next time someone says Democrats are reasonable, defend the US Constitution or want the best for this country, laugh in their face. Democrats, no matter which one, are radicals. They will all bend to the will of the socialist revolution when given a chance, and it is just a matter of time.

There are no conservative Democrats. Some who claim that Democrats want the government to work are lying to you. Republicans can protect this country from Democrat radicalism by eliminating procedural weapons. The socialist movement wants to grab absolute power even if they wreck this nation in the process.

Democrat Representative Conor Lamb (PA) is running to gain a Senate seat, and he thinks he can win more votes by promising to end the filibuster. Conservatives in Congress are trying to prevent a complete bastardization of the voting process in this country. Democrats want to federalize elections, ripping the authority to manage elections from the states and legalizing fraud so that they can continue to stuff ballots with impunity. It will imperil our Constitutional Republican form of government, which socialists want to do.

Democrats have destroyed the American health care and medical services industry. And they want to eradicate the filibuster so that they can pass bills that complete the socialist takeover of medicine by telling you they care about children. Do not believe the lies.

Lamb says that if Democrats help him win the Senate seat, he will help them kill the filibuster. Why wait? This action would allow a simple majority to run our legislature. Democrats will pass bills that guarantee a Democrat majority for generations.

Lamb was elected to Congress in 2018 in a unique Republican-inclining locale outside Pittsburgh by telling Republicans he was a Democrat they could trust. Leftists clashed with him because they wanted to grab a Republican district but were concerned about his moderate, military veteran status. They said that they thought he appealed to racism. White voters and positions would weaken the Democrat socialist revolution. But what they knew is that the Democrat Party in DC would compromise and control him soon.

Lamb opposed Democrat Representative and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) voting against her. But he was quickly brought to heel. He is now competing within the party primary with current Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, the heavily tattooed former mayor of Braddock and Harvard alum who looks more like a member of Hell’s Angels than the Senate. Lamb is trying to gain support with the party by taking more radical positions on the filibuster.

Democrats hope to flip Senate seats in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin in another crucial election. Lamb could be playing a triangulation game, but ending the filibuster has become an important Democrat position. Because Democrats are pursuing a radical agenda, Republicans have dug in their heels, using the filibuster more often, and this has only encouraged Democrats to weed out moderate positions.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) and Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) have been pushing the Congress further left by galvanizing support within the media for socialist policies. Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) are supposedly the last moderates in the party but have become a mere speed bump for the party leaders.