Perspective On January 6, 2021

Stop the Steal was the protest movement that sprung up organically after the 2020 election. Mollie Hemmingway has meticulously documented the context and evidence for legitimate concerns and fears about the attacks on Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The media has changed the narrative from what happened during the election on November 3, 2020, to what happened on January 6, 2021. The speeches and marches were supposed to be the continuation of dozens of such demonstrations in the wake of a hotly contested election. America and its citizens have a right to voice their concerns publicly.

Inquiries into what transformed political dissent into a wild uproar are ongoing, and the source of this event remains masked and covered. But it was not an insurrection. It was not organized, planned, militarized, or coordinated. Calling what happened a revolt, a danger to democracy, and attacking America is intended to omit this point and push people away from the truth.

Without a monstrous breakdown in policing and security, it would have been a typical day in Washington DC. People have a right to gather and parade around the nation’s capital. At least we used to.

Why did the Capitol Police get caught off guard? Why did offers of extra help get rejected? With police in position, why were the few most egregious instigators not arrested on that day? Why were countless people permitted into the Capitol Hill building without being halted? Where is the footage of individuals, specifically those who attempted to use a pipe bomb?

Forget a commission and investigation by a government keen on covering up what happened. Exposing a cover-up requires leaks and reporting by alternative news agencies and real journalists to discover the facts of the case.

Liz Cheney’s score-settling and Nancy Pelosi’s political posturing are oriented toward using the Inspector General’s report on Capitol Police to shame hundreds of thousands of Republicans.

Ideas for security upgrades that the Capitol Police passed on would have reduced if not entirely prevented a couple of hundred Trump protestors from overrunning police and many raging on the Capitol Hill building. Out of the 104 suggestions, 30 had been implemented by Capitol Police.

Using this commission as a club against all Republicans will push the Cold Civil War hotter and transform them into real terroristic danger. Attacking Donald Trump and hassling Seb Gorka, and arresting Steve Bannon will not get to the truth or help this nation. It is the criminalization of political dissent, and we know where that goes.

The events of January 6 did not occur in a bubble. It was an easily anticipated consequence of expanding inclinations toward allowing violence to accomplish political purposes. Look at the George Floyd riots of 2020 to understand how anger and outrage became ennobled.

Black Lives Matter taught America that pay attention to if you need to be heard. You want to break things, make an uproar, set things ablaze, and destroy symbols of America. A Buffalo-horned Q Shaman in the Senate, a grinning man pulls down Pelosi’s platform, or someone was attempting to destroy Andrew Jackson’s bust follows the script.

Donald Trump chose to speak at the event on January 6 instead of the other events in DC before January. He is known for his rally speeches across the nation. He encouraged peacefully marching to Capitol Hill. On January 6, the entire Congress was to certify the Republicans’ election was contested. If he spoke on a Saturday afternoon when the Capitol Hill building was empty, it is much less likely that anyone would have breached the building. He didn’t advise them to break entryways and crash through doors. Claiming that he did is lying to the American people and will only make the hatred of a government out of control worse.