Philly Voters Remain Confident In John Fetterman

Democrat voters in the once-great city of Philadelphia appear unphased by senatorial candidate John Fetterman’s (D-PA) blatant speech issues.

Fox News Digital took to the streets to ask Philadelphians about their thoughts regarding Fetterman’s health, which appears to be the decisive issue in his tightening race with his opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz (R-PA).

“It’s a question of where your morals lie and what your values are,” said Carolyn, when asked if Fetterman’s blatant speech impediment will play a role in her decision at the polls.

Carolyn went on to express how she’d still vote for Fetterman even if she knew he would “die the next day.”

“I would rather have him advocating for a single day for the things that I believe in than voting for someone who may, you know, live forever but does not value the things that I do,” she said.

In comes Steve, a beacon of hope, proving to the world that there’s still at least one free-thinking Democrat among us.

“If his health was not good, and he had another problem, I would think about not voting,” he said.

Fetterman, the longtime mayor of Braddock from 2006-2019 and Pennsylvania’s sitting Lieutenant Gov., has surprisingly agreed to an October 25th debate with his opponent.

October 25th is cutting it close to November. Could it be that John Fetterman’s team accepted the challenge, only to drop out at the last minute? There will be plenty of early voting between now and then.

John Fetterman’s aphasia began after suffering a stroke in May, but his health problems don’t end there.

According to Fetterman’s Cardiologist, the career politician and son of Republican parents suffers from atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathy. His doctor went on to explain how those two serious heart conditions induced the stroke.

Four years of medical school isn’t required to know that strokes are commonly a recurring problem. If it happens once, there’s a 23 percent chance it’ll happen again.

Even still, Democrat voters as a whole remain staunch in their support of a candidate with legitimate short-term health concerns.