Pittsburgh Public Schools Accused Of Promoting Radical CRT Indoctrination

Students in Pittsburgh Public Schools are being brainwashed through critical race theory indoctrination. The second-largest system in Pennsylvania blatantly teaches them that their country is “systematically racist.”

They are also told that policies based on merit stem from “Whiteness.”

The system website features many offerings of “racial equity learning resources.” Faculty and staff are to be trained on, among other topics, how to be “culturally responsive as a White teacher.”

One of the offerings features teaching materials from critical race protagonist Ibram X. Kendi’s “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You.” The radical leftist work insisted that the Constitution and U.S. laws are steeped in discriminatory practices.

Once such lesson instructs students to write how the American government exemplifies the statement, “Racism is the bedrock of the USA.”

Perhaps this radical ideology should not be surprising considering recent actions by state Democrats. Leftists are working overtime to rewrite state teaching standards in order to infuse classroom teaching with critical race theory.

Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro’s office last year unveiled “Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Education” guidelines. For a teacher to become licensed in Pennsylvania, they are mandated to recognize their schools’ “inequities and institutional biases.”

A bill was introduced, however, in the Pennsylvania legislature that would erase much of the current CRT indoctrination. HB 1532 would prohibit teaching inherently racist concepts, such as one race is superior to another.

Grounded and logical. However, this proposal immediately met fierce resistance in Pittsburgh Public Schools, where board members voted unanimously to defy anything deemed “harmful legislation.”

One board member, Devon Taliaferro, claimed that the system’s pupils “deserve leaders who will stand up for their rights.” She criticized “radical politicians” — meaning Republicans — who she said were attempting to censor what schools teach.

One GOP state lawmaker, Barbara Gleim, told the Washington Free Beacon that parents across the state are protesting what they now find in their student’s instructional materials. She said assignments are “riddled with questions” on everything from diversity to gender ideology.

Pittsburgh teachers are trained through a webinar that slammed “middle to upper class White, heteronormative, Judeo-Christian, able-bodied and English-speaking men as promoting “Whiteness.” Further, educators are admonished to avoid teaching “colorblindness.”

Another training tells “White educators” that they must strive to “disrupt Whiteness and White supremacy.” Still another accuses teachers of committing “spirit murder” of the souls of Black children.