Planned Parenthood Pivoting to Pills With Overturning of Roe

Planned Parenthood has been on the front lines of aborting unborn babies for decades, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade simply means a different business approach for the industry.

According to a new report from the American Life League, Planned Parenthood has shifted its growth towards abortion pills dramatically since 2005.

That year, there were 172 surgical abortion facilities in the U.S., all of which also had pill abortions available. But in 2005 there were only 57 facilities that committed pill abortions but no surgical abortions. That added to a total of 229 Planned Parenthood offices that performed abortions.

The American Life League report shows that the 229 facilities 17 years ago exploded to what was 391 last year. The difference? There were only a net total of four surgical abortion offices added but an enormous gain of 158 pill abortion facilities added.

Clearly from a business perspective, Planned Parenthood could read the writing on the wall and shifted its focus towards pill abortions. Now, with the White House deregulating the availability of abortion pills and the fading of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand is higher than ever.

Rita Diller, the National Director for the Stop Planned Parenthood Project, notes this drastic increase in pill abortion facilities. On top of the abortion industry leader running 55% of all surgical abortion clinics in the U.S. — all of which offer pill abortions — it has 82% of pill-only abortion locations.

Planned Parenthood is working feverishly to target women in their homes with abortion pills through the mail. It has been vastly aided by the Biden administration, which used the pandemic as a cover to roll back or completely eliminate restrictions on do-it-yourself abortions.

Nevermind that the pills that are delivered right to mothers’ doorsteps come with a warning that they can cause “bleeding and death.” These amount to unsupervised abortions that are done in a DIY setting with no medical backup in the case of complications.

Planned Parenthood is the abortion industry leader, and it has a vested interest in every abortion performed, at home or elsewhere, in the U.S. What the nation now sees is simply a change in its business model to go with the current climate and keep aborting unborn babies rolling along.