Poll: Oz Surging Past Fetterman In Pennsylvania

The latest polling numbers from Pennsylvania show great news for Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in the race for U.S. Senate. According to the Wick Insights survey published last week, the GOP candidate has surged into the lead.

New numbers show that 49.1% of likely Pennsylvania voters chose Oz compared to only 44.6% who backed Fetterman. The same survey showed 3.4% supporting another candidate and only 2.9% undecided at this late date.

In fact, the numbers back up another recent poll by Fox 29/Insider Advantage. That earlier survey showed the pair tied, which continued a strong trend demonstrating a string of gains made by Oz over the past several weeks.

The dead heat in one poll quickly followed up by Oz leading by over four points just emphasized the positive recent gains for the GOP candidate.

Voters who describe themselves as independent favor Oz by a strong 20 points, and the Republican also garners roughly 14% of the state’s African-American support.

Further, Pennsylvania’s Hispanic and Asian voters answered affirmatively for Oz by a wide margin. Fetterman has a 10-point advantage among female voters, the same margin that Oz enjoys among males.

In the race for governor, the Wicks Insights poll revealed that Republican State Sen. Doug Mastriano has significantly closed the gap with Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Mastriano now trails 48.5% to 46.4% according to the latest numbers.

In this tally, only 1.8% of voters plan to choose another candidate and 3.4% register as undecided.

The earlier Fox 29/Insider Advantage survey showed Shapiro came in with 49% over Mastriano’s 42%. Six percent of those surveyed remained undecided, and Mastriano holds an 18-point advantage with independent voters.

That race has tightened considerably since late September when Shapiro held a double-digit lead.

Pennsylvania is just part of a national trend in recent months. Late summer polling numbers showed some Republican candidates struggling, but the unmistakable trend has swung to gaining momentum and, as in the case of Oz, taking the lead over their Democratic counterparts.