Pollster Exposes Tactic Used To Hand 2020 To Biden

Many Americans have sounded the alarm that COVID-19 was ultimately used as a tool to derail former President Trump from getting a second term in office. These concerns are a result of the widespread use of mail-in ballots and drop boxes in 2020.

In the aftermath of the most recent presidential election, Americans signed sworn affidavits, saying when they tried to vote in person, they were told someone already cast a ballot for them. Other reports arrived of people receiving duplicate ballots.

In some of the worst cases, ballots containing votes for Trump were allegedly found in trash cans and otherwise discarded.

Now, one pollster is exposing another scheme reportedly used to cheat Trump out of his second term in the White House.

The Announcement of COVID-19 Vaccines
Earlier this week, Politico published a story citing a House of Representatives report that accuses Trump of pushing for the approval of COVID-19 vaccines prematurely. The very clear implication here from the Democrat-controlled House is that Trump did this to help himself win the election.

However, pollster Nate Silver is clearing the air. On Twitter, Silver responded to the claim from the House, saying this is the weakest criticism ever aimed at the Trump administration.

Later, Silver points out that left-wing elitists pressed Pfizer to hold off on announcing the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine. Naturally, the purpose behind such a delay would be to block the appearance that Trump succeeded in getting a vaccine to the public.

Ironically, though, it was Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program that allowed the vaccine to become available in months, rather than years.

Silver wrapped up his statements by explaining the push for Pfizer to postpone its vaccine announcement is worth being looked into.

Was Biden In on It?
Silver’s warning appears to track with a social media post made by the White House months ago. During this time, the White House put out a message claiming that no COVID-19 vaccines were available until Biden came into office.

After being widely panned by the public for telling an outright lie, the White House eventually walked this back and said vaccines were not “widely” available until Biden’s time in the White House.

Silver’s remarks have naturally prompted backlash from Democrats who accuse him of spreading conspiracy theories, but the pollster is believed to be a Democrat himself.